Jewel-Osco Careers and Job Application (Hiring Info)

Jewel Osco offers Jobs full-time and part-time positions. But hurry before it’s filled. It’s not just about filling out an application and going in for an interview. As the company wants to find people who are dedicated and passionate. They want to make sure applicants have what it takes before investing time and money into them.

Jewel-Osco is one of the largest food retailers in the United States and has a long history of providing quality products to its customers. Founded in 1915 as Skaggs Company, Jewel-Osco merged with Albertsons in 1999 and operates over 200 stores on the East Coast of America from Maine to Florida.

The Jewel Osco hiring process consists of four steps:

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Submit your resume.
  • Complete a short skills assessment based on the job requirements listed on your application.
  • Go through a telephone screening with two members of recruiting team.

If you’re selected from this group of qualified candidates after the phone screen stage then congratulations! You’ll be invited for an in-person interview.

To apply for a vacant position at Jewel, you need to have applied on Jewel-Osco Careers.

Work Facts at Jewel Osco

  • Age Requirement: at least 16 years old
  • Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday (6 AM-12 AM), Sunday (7 AM-11 PM)
  • Qualification: Minimum High School Diploma

Available Job Positions at Jewel Osco

  • Cashier
  • Produce Clerk
  • Store Manager
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Stock Associate
  • Assistant Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Management Trainee
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Produce Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Associate

What is the Salary Range for Jewel Osco Jobs?

Cashier: The responsibility of the cashier is to provide excellent customer service, answer any question that the customer may have, ring up the items for purchase, and collect payment. A cashier at Jewel-Osco can make as low as $6.00 per hour and as high as $13.00 per hour.

Pharmacy Technician: A pharmacy technician at Jewel-Osco, on average, makes $10 per hour. They will take new medication orders from doctors’ offices and deliver them to the pharmacy. Refill medications for customers; update records on computer systems; and complete paperwork as needed.

Clerk: A clerk’s responsibilities at Jewel-Osco include checking in customers, assisting customers with their shopping needs, answering customer questions about products, and promoting special offers. The clerk is also responsible for maintaining the shelves by restocking items when necessary and updating the price of items as needed. The clerk’s salary will vary between $7.25- $10.00 per hour, depending on the location of the store you are applying to.

Stock Associate: At Jewel-Osco, associates are responsible for many things, but the stocking is one of the tasks that an associate has to accomplish. The stocking includes retrieving product from the warehouse and determining where it needs to be placed in the store. This ranges from work on the floor with other associates to stocking shelves and meeting customers’ needs. The salary range of the stock associate is from $12.00 to $13.00 an hour.

What are the Benefits of Working at Jewel Osco?

One of the many benefits of working at Jewel Osco is that it offers a 401K plan, meaning for every dollar you put in, the company matches one dollar. In addition to this, Jewel Osco provides you with a retirement savings account. It also has an extremely competitive salary and benefits package.

Ultimately, all these benefits contribute to the company’s mission of being a sustainable business partner.

How to Apply?

In applying for a job at Jewel-Osco, you should make sure that you are well-prepared. First, research the company to understand its mission and history. Next, identify three people who work or used to work there and ask them about their experiences and what it’s like to work for the company. Then, create a list of skills and accomplishments that show why you would be a good fit for the position and also include any relevant experience. Lastly, send in your job application with your resume attached. Just remember to proofread before hitting send!

Jewel Osco Careers FAQs

Q: What is the average starting salary?
The average starting salary at Jewel Osco is $11.00 per hour. Those with one to three years of experience at the company can expect a median salary of $13.00 per hour.

Q: What are typical hours of operation for a Jewel employee?
Jewel-Osco provides a retail food market that promotes healthy lifestyles by providing dietitians to the community. They have employees working different hours including early morning, evening, and on the weekends to provide assistance with grocery shopping.

Q: Is there an age requirement to work at Jewel Osco?
There is no such age requirement for working at Jewel Osco but, you must be at least 18 years old or older.